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you are gonna hate me for this..... 
let's just say I get bored easily, I haven't camwhored for a while and I missed it  and I got my revange so here you go 

this one was actually taken the morning after the rest... but it's not like it really matters

the thing on my face is the thing I bought at the beginning of the year in London. Damn i miss it!!! I wanna go back! Can't wait to get over with fucking ISF. Anywayz~ it's so useful! It would really keep 
wormth in winter, but i didn't get to wear it a lot, cause either I was wearing choker and it was already kinda difficult for me to breathe, or I would be smoking, or eating, or I would be with someone and 
my friends usually freak out when I wear it cause they can't see my expressions *laugh*. And talking through it... is also kinda difficult. Oh and it smells of so many different kinds of perume!!! xDDD~ 

   ♥   x   ♥   x   ♥ 

my RIP dear glasses which broke on Tuesday 

yesh. magu is flat. stfu! 


still not sick of me yet???? 
well then you can always check out a video of me & indi dancing to malice mizer. Please survive to the end of it! The end is sooo funny! I swear it wasn't acted out or anything! [oh & excuse my very poor head banging but I still have a neck injury since the previous night, when my mom bought new stereo and i decided to try it out by blasting alice nine and doing a little imaginary concert (now that was some head banging! i wish you would see it) anywayz~ today is the second day and it still hurts so I really couldn't do too rush movements] 


it's 3 AM. I'm fucking dead tired.

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aww aww! YOu're sweet! ♥
it's a plaster *laugh*
I was so unhappy when it came off and it was time to throw it away ;~;

I thought it was XDDDDDD damn, I want some of them.

if I'll have the chance I'll buy some more, and keep some for you!

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