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I forgot to write in my last entry about how indi and I went to Frankfurt to take photos. I forgot my memory card and she left her batteries at home xDDDD~ That's our thing Anywayz lately I'm into ganguro style so I'll treat you to few pictures~♪

well it was effective enough to scare Laura [this girl i used to be friends with]. Apparently to find her jokes funny I have to have sekt []. meeting her with indi made me pretty uncomfortable, because i felt like i was interupting them and at the same time I had no idea what to say. [I came later, but not late for once !]. I got to take a picture of some football fans. [By the way My dammit, Sweden just couldn't win that game, now could they?! Because of that I had a bunch of drunk singing Germans in the train! HONESTLY!!! all your fault I say! >P ] And then I got my photo taken by some asian guy... it was so funny. I didn't understand that he wanted a picture with me at first so yeah MAGU x SCHOCK = LOVELY STUPID SMILE. The picture had to be gorgeous. Just two more Final exams, and one more day of school and the I'm D O N E with 11th grade! ♪ Sometimes it hits me that next year I'll be packing for college and I start freaking out and crying from happiness. I can't wait to graduate this useless, good for nothing school~ cheeeeeeeeeers~! [off to dunno what...]

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aaah, you're so gorgeous! XD love the hair extension thingers~~ ♥

thanks for adding me btw x3!!! i missed you~

Sometimes it hits me that next year I'll be packing for college and I start freaking out and crying from happiness.
*O*.... OH MY GOD!!!

the ganguro style looks good on you. i hate how you can never see makeup properly in photos though, it looked much better inreallife!


thank you sweetie! Yes I do too!!! Oyu need one of those umbrella thingies and shit for it to come out right... but magu's poor. magu doesn't have a studio ;o;

i know you won't mind my criticism; i don't like the ganguro-style on you ;/ you look much more gorgeous with your "usual" make-up. btw, i've got semi-short/black hair now and sorta look like seth cohen (i've been told that like.. 4 times, lol)
photos are in the making ♥

you don't? That's a first. But no I don't mind criticism at all! ♥

who's seth again? sounds familiar.... *shot*

by the way loooove your prom outfit. hot, dear, you look hot!

hehe, seth cohen is the black-haired boy from "The OC" - he's quite popular among girls (what an understatement!)
and i'm glad that you like my prom outfit! the girls at my school liked it too ;P

I knew I know him! Yeah hes hooooot! <33333

i'm envious >___~

you're envious? why? xD and i'll be your prom-date, if you want me to. if not, i'll be mouni's, bwaha xP

we'll see how you'll look in a year... xDDDD~

whoa! you're so superficial.. but i'm probably the last person that should criticize you for that, hehe. however, if that's the way you wanna play, then i'll also base my decision on who i feel more attracted to in a year x)

who said you'll have a say? xP

mhh.. now that you mention it; noone did. but if i remember correctly, you two are the ones who go to isf, and isf isn't exactly known for its abundance of handsome boys xP

gosh how i wish i could say somethinga against that....but isf is full of ugly people...
boy! why did georg winkler have to leave?! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~

absolutely! after all, he was the one who kept up our school's reputation with his good looks..
you know, you're the only one i'll let in on this but damn, georg winkler really did make me question my sexuality, bwaahahahaha xDDD

my friend reminded me on saturday about a funny episode including him.

Yes he was THE hottie of the graduating class 2005! But you know at least we have David and Benedict visiting us a lot lately! They're a treat for the eye too!

lol.. i met up with bene, michi and andreas reimer a little more than a week ago to watch germany vs. poland. michi is a nice guy but his inability to express his own will makes me extreeeemely irritable! he always waits until other ppl make suggestions he can then cling onto. i have to go eat dinner now but i'll be back in approx. 10mins and treat you with a wonderful little story about franzi, hehe

okay.. so two weeks ago, i met up with leslie, her gf zehra and franzi at yours (spelling?) bar in frankfurt. jakob was nowhere to be found and so leslie asked franzi "hey, where's your bf?" and franzi said she didn't know. we stayed for a while and then headed for the fressgaß, where we ran into jakob and some of his friends. jakob greeted me but didn't even look at franzi. i asked franzi what that was all about but she didn't answer. so we walked for a little while and suddenly franzi asked:

franzi "mhh.. i wonder whether we would've ever become a beautiful couple"
tim "well, we were too different back when i was at isf and we're much more different now, so i guess it wouldn't have worked out, anyway. but still, if you compare me and jakob, you'll realize that i'm the better boy - you'd be happier with me"
franzi "why does everyone tell me that?"
tim "because it's true, i guess ;D"
franzi "yeah, i guess it is"

that was such an ego-push for me! i mean.. back at isf i was head over heels for her but she rejected me xD in fact, she was the first girl to reject me and now she basically told me that i'm better than her bf, hehe! well, i sorta knew that before, but hearing it from HER is something very different, don't you think?

btw. i've told ppl (mostly girls) this and they all said "hey, if i were that girl, i would've smacked you in the face".. wtf? did i miss something? xDDD

i would too. Taking under the consideration that she's still with him [why again?] and you basically rejected her indirectly.

I understand your total victory over her and pride...but sympathise her a bit! I mean she's gorgeous, she sings like heaven and seems to be so so so so so so sweet, so having her wonder wether you'd make a pretty couple really is something! congratulations! but be niiice! she has problems withher bf! help her out instead of busting your ego for nothing!

Then again Jacob is a piece of shit, and you being a better guy then he is is something as obvious as me saying sky is blue. I think almost anyone is. + she didn't say you're better than him, she said you'd treat her better.

Did anything interesting happen later on? why don't you try to win her over? I don't think it'd be that hard. She gave you enough hints!

come on, i'm not such an asshole. i didn't say those things to her in order to bask in a feeling of victory (which i didn't experience, anyway). leaving isf has changed me a lot and while i still get along with franzi, we could never be together. we don't match.

franzi is a good girl and i agree with everything you said about her. she really does deserve someone better than jakob but i am not that 'someone'. and yeah, i guess she didn't say i was better than him, but she knows i am. this might sound harsh but i'm glad i didn't get together with her back then. i wouldn't have met my ex-gf and i wouldn't be the person i am now.

my 'unreasonable self-confidence' (i think that's what you called it) was a coping mechanism for a huge inferiority complex i had through 7th grade all the way until 11th grade. ironic how i didn't want to leave isf at all, but ended up becoming the person i had wished to become for so long, by doing so. (sorry, this is all so clustered up.. i can't seem to sort my thoughts today but that's okay, i guess)

i know you didn't do it on purpose. It's just you know there are things and people that only one side can critiszie. Including friends and family. YOu know what I mean? Like if I tell you let's say "indi is a bitch" it's ok... but if you say that to me that will hurt you and I am most likely to kick the shite out of you if you ever do.

I don't know her, I don't really truelly know you either to be able to say wether you match or not. All I know is from what I've seen she's great. Then again you seem to be more looking for stuff to happen, for going to the concerts, camping and stuff, you know? like the stuff you can get dirty during but have a blast. She seems more of a calm person who prefers her fun to be controlled and be in the right setting with the right people. I don't mean to call her a snob in a negative way, what I'm searching for is I think is that she prefers the more "elegant and calm" kind of fun. Don't mean to say that she would enevr go to a concert where she wouldn't have a chance to take a shower for 3 days, but just she wouldn't enjoy it as much as you would. Then also don't meant to call you a pig. I'm the more "dirty" type too.

I might have called it once that way. I understand you perfectly. ISF is a nice fake world where kids actually get complexes and tend to be less social, less friendly, less open minded, more goal concentrated, more competitive, more closed and cliqueish. That's what having a bunch of richest kids in Germany, along with kids from middle class put together under pressure of examination and getting into college gives you. I can't wait to get out of there. I used to be much more open and social before I joined ISF. At first I thought it was the language barrier but I think it's more how intimidated one becomes by all of that and how controled one is and how one doesn't get a say in anything that's going on at school, maybe except creating your SLO activity [wow fun!*sarcasm*]. I don't know you well enough to say "oh tim you're so great! you're so wonderful!"but so far anyone I ve talked with about you said only good things about you and from what i've seen&heared so far I actually think you have a reason to have a high self opinion. Of course i will still tease you about it though xD~

sorry for the belated reply. i just checked my briefkasten and discovered that the new issue of spex magazine was in the mail! i couldn't fight the temptation of watching some of the music videos on the dvd that came with it.. aaanyway! i'm actually not so sure whether my intention was to point out to her that i'm better than jakob when i criticized him.. in fact, i tend to think about girls i didn't end up getting together with for months (or years, in this case) wondering why it didn't work out or comparing me to that girl's bf, in case she has one. i gave the whole "franzi-topic" a break for almost two years but when i met up with her and jakob on my birthday last year, it got me thinking. i arrived at the conclusion that i can offer her more than jakob in pretty much every department. so when i told her, i was basically curious for her reaction.

and your analysis of franzi is.. brilliant! down to the very details of going to see shows etc. but she SHOWED UP at the first live of my band and that made me extremely glad! and while she is really nice, i can't help but feel like there's something missing. something indispensable. anyway, franzi is a gorgeous girl. she'll find a guy that isn't necessarily better than me, but who will satisfy her needs better than i could.

and my inferiority complex didn't have so much to do with the school.. it was indirectly linked to my discovery of the internet and its anonymity. back in 5th/6th grade i used to be quite chubby and was made fun of by my class-mates. i had never payed much attention to looks but those things showed me the superficiality of ppl. on the internet, i created an alter-ego corresponding to my ideals. obviously, the person i pretended to be and the person i was soon got into conflict and i ended up losing a girl i really loved. dumb story, i know - but those experiences helped me develop into a person superior even to the aforementioned alter-ego. but you're right about the difficulties in going to isf. everyone has his/her complexes and the pressure exerted on the students by the school's system doesn't exactly help preventing them.

come back to isf tim, who cares if you graduated x(

regardless of how much more of a challenge the german school (i now luckily graduated from) was, i never stopped missing isf. and hey, we definitely have to meet up sometime during summer x)

btw. as you might've read, i'm finding it increasingly hard to deal with magu's cheekiness.. sooo, would you be my prom-date (for whenever there's a prom at isf, lol)

i'll never understand that about you, but that's sweet. when'll you be here during summer? us rich isf asses travel alot :0

your comments are so amusing!
i'll be your prom date if you comment my entries more & i don't find anyone more attractive beforehand ;D

well, it might sound funny but i got along with the system at isf *so* well! seriously, my oral marks at the german school were killing me! xD and maybe i should change the "missing isf" part to "missing my old class". and i'll probably stay in germany for the whole summer with occasional trips to mannheim/berlin/munich/hamburg/whereever i feel like going :)

finding someone more attrative? if that's "physically attractive" then i have to admit that there sure are prettier boys out there. but still - without wanting to sound arrogant - i think i can be optimistic ;)

PS:. and i don't visit lj that frequently anymore -.- i'll promise to comment on your myspace regularly, though ♥

8D Wow~
I'm going to be honest, it looks good on you. [Despite the fact that I actually dislike ganguro, but I think ganguro japanese is not my thing... It must've been their tanned skin which irritates me XD] So yes. You look good!

And then I got my photo taken by some asian guy... it was so funny. I didn't understand that he wanted a picture with me at first so yeah MAGU x SCHOCK = LOVELY STUPID SMILE.
;_; Aww~ So sweet...hahahaha. was the asian guy like, old? [or is he even good-looking? XD;; *bricked*]

aren't you just the cutest thing ever?! gorgeous. ♥

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