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so you probably want to know why the change... well, I'll explain it some other time!
thanx for adding everyone!

first of all for for amiyu since he's so impatient: 

more about it...maybe in some other entry. 

Tomorrow morning'll suck. I have to wake up early to bring some photos to the printing place, cause I'm making a scarp book for a friend who's leaving, which is real pain in the ass especially since I didn't even get a chance to start it and I should be finished with it by 1.30 tomorrow. Right now all the stuff for it is in the living room where my mom's friend is staying. By the way, when my mom was opening the couch for her she found my bra. hahahahaha! Ooops. \ >0< / ! I'm innocent! xP~

So tomorrow's the surprize good-bye for meredith. I'm kind of excited about it, though so far everything's been falling apart. I hope it'll be fun &hearts; ! I wanna get soooooo druuuuuuunk! and maybe this time not miss my last train, like last week. xD~ I also have to make myself pretty and stuff so that'll take a while. Aii aii can't forget my camera! Actually, now that i think about it, when was there a weekend when we didn't go out drinking? ... so if tomorrow I post something weird, I'm excused!   DRUNKNESS rocks! *says magu teh alcoholic*

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Your hair is very pretty, as are you.^^ The third last picture is great! It could make for a very nice CD cover.

XD The bra scenario!

thank you! ♥
unfortunately the one with tourquoise is just a clip on, but I'm planning to get real extensions once I'm out of prison <<< my school, and that'd be in a little more than a year. <333...if i pass...

God, I like your hair. XD;;~~

LOL why is your bra suddenly lying around the couch? O_O;;; *bricked*
Have fun tomorrow! <3

thaaaank you!

I will! <3 thanks :]

ahh finaly she go to Hongkong,ne
I wanna get soooooo druuuuuuunk! ----> ahh T______T;;
and maybe this time not miss my last train, like last week. xD~ -----> grrrrrrr
und gut job Magu chan about neu update ^_______-
aber grrrrrrrrr -----> maybe this time not miss my last train, like last week. xD~

She will go 10th.
what's wrong with getting drunk?
sure! no problem!♥

Woow cool pics ne! Your hair rwaks big time and I wished we had sunsets like that here. (=・ェ・)

thank you! ♥
it was just that one time i saw it was taht beautiful!

when was there a weekend when we didn't go out drinking?
that one weekend where we went to that shisha shop & looked all round for sushi!
but then we got stoned i guess :D

duuude that was awesome!
TV was sooo funny!
Let's do that again next weekend.I stillhave some stuff left! <3

hahahhahaha getting the sieve!!!

it soooo was.
the.. people. falling. ahahaaaaaa.
okey but not in the forest this time! atleast not in the forest near my place >0

pretend that was from POLKABERRY xDD;;

OMG. I 8D; didn't know you switched journals until just a moment ago 8D; I'm sorry. I think LJ likes to eat entries on my friends page. 8D *adds!*

hehe it's alright! *adds back*!

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