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Off to my history IGCSE
wish me luck!!!!!

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*crosses fingers for you* good luck!!!!!

arrive my memorial video already ???

good luck love!! ♥
& have fun listening to mr lothians pre-exam jokes~ ha ^0^

he didn't make any ;o;
he did have some post exam jokes though, telling me that my scre basically hanged on weather i'll make a proper knot to tie my papers or not, and mr saraghatti or however you spell his name was counting seconds!!! xDDDD~ he's so fucking cuuuuute! *magu rapes him*

:3 Wish you all the best, Magu! <3 Hope you'll pass with flying colors..... *sprinkles lucky pixie dust all over j00*

X33~ FIGHTOO O!! you'll make it <3

DX aah, i finally found you! XD *dies* i was wondering where you were and then i realized you'd moved. add me back?

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